Nicole Acevedo, phD
Director of Material Health & Integrative Toxicology
WAP Sustainability

Nicole Acevedo serves as Director of Material Health & Integrative Toxicology at WAP Sustainability and leads a team focused on helping clients navigate product material health certifications, chemical management strategies and product transparency initiatives. With over 20 years of scientific expertise in exploring the human health impacts of exposure to harmful chemicals, she deeply values the interconnectedness of human health and the health of our environment, and understands the need to integrate sustainability initiatives that meaningfully minimize negative impacts on the environment and promote health for all.


Dr. Acevedo is passionate about fostering collaboration for sustainable product design throughout the value chain through innovation thinking and solution building.

Over the last decade, Nicole has provided manufacturers and retailers across industries with leading chemical management strategies to streamline complex regulatory, consumer, and science-based market drivers for optimization of safe and sustainable product development, minimization of financial and social risk, and prioritization of social equity across all sectors of society.



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