Salazar Headshot

James Salazar
Sustainability Director
WAP Sustainability

James Salazar is a widely regarded expert in the field life cycle assessment. Through his roles Sustainability Director with WAP Sustainability, Director of EPD services with the Athena Institute and as Principal of Coldstream Consulting, James has developed LCAs and EPDs for a range of building products.

In addition to EPD development, James has also served as a methodology advisor for Athena’s Impact Estimator for Buildings software. Mr. Salazar has also developed LCA-based calculators for concrete products and material-specific issues such as biogenic carbon. The concrete EPD software developed by Coldstream Consulting is currently used by industry associations (PCI, ACPA, CRMCA, CPCI) to produce concrete EPDs as well as several hundred concrete facilities. James serves on the United States ISO technical committee (TC207) tasked with developing international standards on LCA practice.

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